Services BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

BC Provincial Nominee Program (BC PNP)

The BCPNP (British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program) is that the program employed by the govt of British Columbia to decide on the immigration candidates to nominate to the Canadian government to become permanent residents of the province and contribute to growing the economy.

The BCPNP is one of all Canada’s PNPs. With 10 different immigration streams, the program is extremely diverse, with two categories for skilled workers and international graduates in Canada and post-graduates in British Columbia: Express Entry BC and Skills Immigration, and an additional one for entrepreneurs.

Choosing British Columbia Immigration

The province of British Columbia is found in the geographical area of Canada. The Canadian province is home to 1 of the biggest and diverse cities in Canada, Vancouver. BC is that the third most populated province to immigrate to, following only Ontario and Québec. The province of British Columbia is one of every of the foremost sought-after immigration destinations in Canada.

British Columbia offers some attractive pathways into the province. These may be split between Express Entry aligned streams, and non-aligned.

Express Entry Aligned Streams:

The BCPNP currently includes four streams that are Express Entry aligned. When a provincial nomination is issued to a successful applicant the applicant will receive 600 extra CRS points. This, in turn, will lead the applicant to automatically receive an ITA within the subsequent Express Entry draw from the pool. These points are only used for streams that align with express entry.

Non-Express Entry Aligned Streams:

Some programs do make up the Express Entry that has opportunities under the abilities Immigration (SI) streams also. These are a decent course to think about as they present the identical immigration opportunities available through the Express Entry aligned streams. Other streams include healthcare professionals with job offers and entrepreneur investors.

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