Study In UK

Study In UK

Students who are wishing to study in the UK, as it has top universities and renowned academic programs & research. According to the Ministry of External Affairs data shows there were 55,465 Indian students studying in the UK in 2022. The statistics shows that more overseas students are choosing UK to study. Universities like Imperial College London, University College London and more have longstanding academic and research relationship. Universities of UK have very high rate of successful employment outcomes.

Why Study in UK?

For every student, choosing to study abroad is a life-changing experience. Students must have strong arguments before deciding between multiple options for a study destination and academic institution. Here are some justifications for considering the UK as your study abroad location:

1. Education Quality:

4 universities in the UK ranks in top 10, according to the QS World University Ranking. The four universities are: University of Oxford, Imperial College London, University College London, and University of Cambridge.

2. Financial Aids:

International students can access to multiple scholarships available in the UK. Commonwealth Scholarships, GREAT scholarships are some of the financial aid offered to the students.

3. Adventure and Recreation:

The UK is a fascinating destination when it comes to discover historical sites, musical performances & cultural festivals. Universities have a rich history in the UK & attending one of these institutes allows you to contribute to his legacy.

4. Budget-Friendly Education:

The cost and tuition fees are less as the academic degree in the UK obtain less time compared to other countries. Furthermore, when compared to other English-speaking countries like Australia and the USA, the total cost of an academic career is less expensive which includes both tuition and living expenses.

5. Short Duration Courses:

The length of courses offered in the UK is shorter than in the USA or Canada. Therefore, if a bachelor's degree is pursued full-time, it will take only three years in the UK instead of the four years. Likewise, in the UK, a master's degree can be completed in just a year, in contrast to many other nations.

Best Universities in the UK

Below is the list of best universities in the UK, students can choose the university they desire:

  •   Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  •   University of Cambridge
  •   University of Oxford
  •   Harvard university
  •   Imperial College London
  •   University college London
  •   Birmingham City University
  •   Aston University
  •   Glasgow Caledonian University
  •   Middlesex university
  •   Newcastle University
  •   Oxford Brookes University
  •   Queen Margaret University
  •   Queen University Belfast
  •   Robert Gordon University
  •   Solent University Southampton
  •   Teesside University
  •   University of Bedfordshire
  •   University of Bolton
  •   University of Brighton
  •   University of Buckingham
  •   University of Chester
  •   University of Derby
  •   University of Dundee
  •   University of Westminster & more.

Best Courses in UK

Every academic subject is covered by the wide variety of courses that UK universities offer. Still, a few courses are very well-liked by applicants. A list of popular academic stream and the range of courses offered within them can be found in the table below.

Stream Courses
Business Administrative
  • Finance
  • Accountancy
  • Economics
Engineering Technology
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical, Chemical Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Electrical Engineering
Arts & Humanities
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Media
  • Art & Design
Natural & Social Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Education
  • Sociology

Expense for Study in UK

Cost of undergraduate and postgraduate courses may differ based on the universities and programs:

Level Min cost per year
Undergraduate £ 11,400
Postgraduate £ 9,000

Best Courses in UK

Every academic subject is covered by the wide variety of courses that UK universities offer. Still, a few courses are very well-liked by applicants. A list of popular academic stream and the range of courses offered within them can be found in the table below.

Expenses Monthly price (approx.)
Accommodation £ 554
Halls £ 664
Grocery £ 116
Transport £ 54

Student Visa for UK

For people who wish to pursue higher education in the UK, there is a UK Student Visa, formerly known as a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa or Tier 4 Student Visa. It is not possible for students to apply for a UK student visa earlier than six months prior to the start of their degree. After applying, students should expect a decision in three weeks. If their education is at the degree level, students may remain in the UK for up to five years on a UK student visa. A £363 visa processing charge must be paid by students applying from outside of the UK. Furthermore, there is a healthcare premium that students must pay.

Student Permit Visa Requirements for UK

Students who want to apply for a student visa to the UK must fulfill the following requirements:

  •   An unrestricted invitation to enroll in a course with a certified student sponsor. This can be demonstrated with the use of Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS).
  •   Adequate financial means to sustain oneself while pursuing education. Students residing in London are expected to submit £12,006 for nine months, or £1,334 per month, and those residing outside of London, £9,207 for nine months, or £1,023 per month.
  •   IELTS, PTE, and other tests can be used to demonstrate that student can be able to read, write and speak English.
  •   Student parents’ consent is required if they are 16- or 17-year-old.
  •   £363 for the application & healthcare premium.
  •   Reports on medical tests
  •   Educational documents and test scores.

Permanent Residence Permit in UK

After completing their studies, students must apply for the Graduate Route Visa or Post-Study Work Visa (PSW UK) in the UK. It authorized students to stay back in the UK and can work for 2 years. (3 year for Doctoral education).
Once Graduate visa expires, students can apply for Skilled work visa or Tier 2 visa. If students stay in the UK for 5 years, they can apply for Permanent Residence.

Admission requirement to Study in the UK

The requirement to study in UK depends on the course and educational level of the applicants. Here are some of the common requirements:

  •   Primary education (schooling)
  •   Academic Transcript
  •   Graduate/Postgraduate Degree (of applicable)
  •   GRE/GMAT score as per course requirement.
  •   English test results (ILETS, TOEFL and PTE)
  •   Resume/Essays
  •   ID evidence
  •   Financial evidence
  •   Medical evidence
  •   LOR (Letter of Recommendations)

Best Cities Chosen by Students

According to the reports, London is the best choice for Indian applicants. London has ranked the first in QS best student cities. Check out the best cities in UK for Indian students:

  •   London
  •   Glasgow
  •   Birmingham
  •   Coventry
  •   Edinburgh
  •   Manchester

Scholarships offered to the International Students

These are the great way to reduce the cost of study abroad. Applicants can apply for several scholarships in the United Kingdom. Below is the list of the scholarships offered by the organizations such as:

  •   Commonwealth Scholarships & Fellowships
  •   Chevening Scholarships
  •   GREAT scholarships
  •   Global Study Awards
  •   Erasmus Mundus
  •   Scotland’s Saltire scholarships
  •   Rhodes Scholarships

Best Job Sectors in the UK

After completing their studies from UK universities, students were placed in different areas depending on their courses, majors, and work experience. Check out the best job sectors:

  •   Arts, Design & media
  •   Engineering
  •   Law
  •   Science & Research
  •   Business
  •   Healthcare
  •   Education
  •   Technology & more.

Estimated Wages in the UK

Students who attended UK universities were paid differently depending on the subject, location, degree level and more.

Jobs Estimated yearly wages
Hospitality, Tourism and Travel £ 21,000
Accountancy & Finance £ 25,000
Business management £ 24,500
Politics £ 24,000
Physicist £ 28,000
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