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Discover the reasons Indian students adore studying in the US!

For ages, the USA has been the reasonable for abroad studies. Over 1,000,000 worldwide Indian students look to study in the US every year to get a first-class training and send off their professions. India makes up around 20% of every worldwide, making it quite possibly of the biggest giver. The place is known for dreams really satisfies this title by offering international student’s phenomenal opportunities for examination, advancement, and innovative bearing. The nation has a multicultural populace and has embraced and, surprisingly, invited that variety throughout the long term. Home to 17 colleges is positioned in the best 50 colleges all over the world. This immense country additionally has a lot of deserts, snow tops, mountains, cascades, and seashores to satisfy your eyes and relieve your spirit.

Why Study in USA

1. Top-Notch universities:

The USA has some of the top-notch universities. According to the Times Higher Education 15 out of 20 universities are American like Stanford, MIT & Harvard university.

2. Distinct Courses:

Universities in the USA offer a several programs with majors, allowing students to explore and specialize in their desired fields.

3. Opportunities for Research:

The USA provides various opportunities for research, innovation, and hands-on experience in various fields.

4. Grants Available:

Universities offered several grants and scholarships to the Indian students. These aids & scholarships helps students to make study accessible.

5. Cultural Display:

Students who are studying in the USA, experience American traditions & meet people from all around the world.

6. English Expertise:

For international students, study in the USA can upgrade applicant English skills.

USA study visa specifications:

The government of USA provide three types of visas:

  • 1. F-1 Student Visa: is for the students who want to enroll in a US college or university that is accredited, or to learn English at a language school.
  • 2. M Student Visa: or taking part in an exchange program; graduation from high school and college coursework.
  • 3. J Exchange Visa: for vocational & non-academic in USA.

English Test Required to Study in the USA:

IELTS: scores are accepted by most of the universities & colleges in the USA as the proof of English proficiency test. The score depends on the courses applicants choose.

In IELTS there are four sections: Writing, reading, listening, and speaking. Minimum Requirement is overall 6 Band.

TOEFL: is known as Test of English as a Foreign Language. It totally depends on the students if they want to give test online or offline. The test score ranges between 71 to 92 points based on course and university.

PTE: is well-known and recognized from universities. The test results will be commonly seen in 48 hours. The minimum point for PTE is 54. It depends on the university and the programs applicant applied.

Intakes offered in the USA

American institutes and universities offer three intakes, as opposed to one in Indian universities. A semester may also be used to refer to intakes in various universities. The following are the three intakes offered in the US:

  •   Fall: It considered as the best intake to apply for the students. Fall intake starts in the month of August.
  •   Spring: It basically start in January and considered by the applicants who need extra time.
  •   Summer: It is considered as small intake as short numbers of programs are available in summer intake.

Courses To Study in USA

The USA offers various courses to study. Most programs last 3-4 years, though post-graduate courses require 2-3 years to finish. Here are the most popular courses in the USA:

Programs Duration Minimum Estimated Fees*
Masters in data science 2 years $ 21,000
Masters in business Analytics 1 years $ 39,000
Masters in marketing 1 years $ 28,500
Masters in economics 2 years $ 30,000
Master’s in business administration 1 years $ 44,000
Masters in public health 1 years $ 11,000

Terms & Conditions Apply*

Universities To study in USA

Here is the list of the universities in USA:

  •   Anderson University
  •   EDUCO Duke University
  •   Florida International University
  •   Arizona State University
  •   Northeastern University
  •   Saint Louis University
  •   Westcliff University
  •   University of Incarnate Word
  •   Kaplan PACE University
  •   INTO Drew University
  •   INTO Orgeon State University
  •   INTO Hofstra University
  •   INTO Marshall University
  •   EDUCO Nebraska Lincoln
  •   INTO New England College
  •   Kaplan Northeastern University
  •   Kaplan Arizona State University
  •   Saint Louis University
  •   University of Houston Clearlake
  •   Msquare Media Hartwick College

Scholarships Offered to Study in the USA

Scholarships are offered by several universities and colleges. The scholarships based on the Academic achievement, athletic abilities and more. Below is the list of some common scholarships available in the USA:

  •   Fulbright-Nehru Fellowships
  •   Hubert Humphrey Fellowships Program
  •   AAUW International Fellowships
  •   First-generation Scholarships
  •   Women’s Scholarships
  •   Need-Based Scholarships
  •   Merit-Based Scholarships
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